Aluminum: One Of The Most Malleable Metals

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Aluminum, or Aluminium, as the British call it is considered one of many “poor” metals. Being very malleable, it can be made into any shape. It is often pressed into thick aluminum plates of armor for tanks or into thin pieces to make wrappers and foil. Aluminum is extremely popular because it does not rust and can withstand all kinds of chemicals and weather conditions. Aluminum is number thirteen on the periodic table and it’s atomic weight is twenty seven. The melting point of aluminum is 660.2 degrees Celsius. The density of Aluminum is 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter. In nature, aluminum cannot be found uncombined. Aluminum is easily shaped, light, and can be very strong. Pure aluminum is actually rather weak, but by heating and adding a few alloying elements, it can be made strong. Aluminum is almost never used in its pure state. It is formed into jewelry and cans and many people use it to decorate their vehicles. Zinc, copper, and are just a few of the many metals used in aluminum alloys. These elements help to strengthen aluminum. Being one of the lightest metals, aluminum weighs 170 pounds per cubic foot. This quality has allowed aluminum to be used instead of steel in many cases. For example, most parts for cars, planes, and trucks are made with aluminum instead of steel because a lighter body means that less fuel is required to move it,…show more content…
Nearly eighty percent of all light that strikes it is reflected. As a result, aluminum is used for light fixtures. Aluminum is often used in insulation for houses because it can be used to reflect heat either into a room or away from a house. Firefighters also use the reflective ability of aluminum. When they go into a burning building they wear special equipment that has an aluminum coating to reflect the heat from the flames so they won’t burn up. The suits that astronauts wear also have an aluminum coating so that they won’t lose heat or gain too much heat while they are in

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