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In modern times, there are so many different methods of getting a story as there are so many sources out there. In earlier times books have been reliable sources for reading a story, but now movies seem to be getting more popular even though they have the same story line as books. If movies are becoming more popular then why are people still reading books? Watching movies and reading books have several things in common, but there are some differences in the two that make people stay loyal to books. Reading books are better than watching movies because it has descriptive details that can hook a reader and can also improve their reading and writing skills.
Books and movies are similar as they tell a story, have the same structures, and have a main idea or theme hidden beneath the story. Movies display their story through audio and visual scenes with professional actors and technicians who put the movie together piece by piece. On the other hand, books make their stories come to life with descriptive words that enhance the plot and with prolonged suspense that can keep a reader hooked till the end. Furthermore, books and movies give the audiences and readers the same feelings after reading or watching about the stories. A reader can feel sad after reading a story in a book and the audience can also feel sad after watching the same story in a movie. For example, the book titled ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’ by John Boyne had a dismal resolution causing some readers to feel sad. Likewise, the movie ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’ also gave audiences the same emotions; the feeling of sadness. Regardless of their form, books and movies are built using the same structure. They will both have a beginning, initial incident, rising actio...

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...pieces of details from the book to make the film fit into a certain amount of time. In the movie version of ‘War and Peace’ the scene from St. Petersburg and the events of the epilogue are not included. If a person watched the movie ‘War and Peace’ instead of reading the book, they would not do so well on their exam.
Even though watching movies seem more convenient, people are still reading books. This is because books give far more detail than movies and can also help people improve their writing and reading skills. However, what did people do when movies were not invented? Obviously, they read books to entertain themselves. Ever since movies came out, people have been enthralled by the beautiful people on screen and their amazing graphics that they have forgotten the true meaning of reading books. They have forgotten the details and benefits that books possess.
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