Bombardier Case Analysis

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Bombardier Inc. is a Canadian based manufacturing company of planes and trains. The company’s head office is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, 2014) The table below shows all the various locations of offices for company around the world. Aerospace Transportation Aerospace and Transportation Australia Brazil Finland Germany India Israel Japan Mexico Morocco United Arab Emirates Austria Belgium China Czech Republic Denmark France Greece Hungary Malaysia Mauritius Norway Philippines Poland Portugal Romania South Korea Spain Sweden Taiwan Thailand Canada Netherlands Russia Singapore South Africa United Kingdom United States Bombardier Inc. is a global phenomenon with over 76,400 employees from…show more content…
Major shareholders of Bombardier Inc. include TD asset management Inc., CIBC asset management Inc., RBC asset management Inc., and Desjardins global asset management Inc. (Morningstar Research,…show more content…
Bombardier Inc. has given the public the option to see all their detailed reports discussing their each committee and their functions. They also talk about voting rights and code of ethics and conduct which outline the responsibilities, the values, and a compliance office promoting ethical behavior. The company has created a page with questions employees may ask to understand if something is unethical. Bombardier Inc. has a confidentially and anonymity policy for report unethical behavior. Lastly, the company outlines the consequences and penalty due to violation. Bombardier stated on their website that during orientation for a board member, a manual is given that has many topics, including corporate governances practices, roles and responsibility of board members, and Code of ethics and business conducts. As Bombardier Inc. is so effective in maintaining a high level of corporate governance; therefore the suggestion would be not to change the current governance. (Governance, Bombardier,

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