Body Ritual Among The Nacirema Analysis

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The article, “Body Ritual among the Nacircema” by a Horace Minor, brings the unusual beliefs and practices of these people to light. Minor begins by introducing the North American group and how little is understood about their beliefs. These people lived in a thriving market economy; despite being dedicated laborers, much of their day is set aside for ritual activity that focuses upon the appearance and health of the body. The Nacirema partake in ritual activities in hopes that it will over power the tendency of the body to be ugly and frail, making them healthy by standard. Minor continues, every household has at least on shrine in the shrine room; the family’s economic status is reflected by the amount of shrines a single house possesses and how the shrine room is presented. Ritual is private and is not discussed unless it is to the children who are being initiated into these secrets. The focal point of the shrine is a box that contains charms and potions that were used by the worshipper and now serve as protection. …show more content…

As a result, they seek out medicine men to preform an extremely sacred and painful procedure to treat such conditions and bring companions. The Nacirema also believe that parents, specifically mothers, can bewitch their children; they look to a “listener” to exorcise the evil within the child. To conclude Minor mentions, ritual to manipulate the natural body to look appropriately, for example ritual fasts make people loos weight and feasts to make people gain weight. Finally, Minor Observes that worshipping magic may seem irrelevant, but without the stipulations and discipline instilled by ritual civilization would not have

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