Blade Runner Analysis

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Ridley Scott is considered one of the greatest directors of Hollywood, and one of his masterpieces is Blade Runner, released in 1982. The movie is largely based on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? A novel penned by Phillp K. Dick in 1968. This novel and the movie depict a future when human like robots work in outer worlds. And when they defy the orders or do not work properly they are sent back on earth to be destroyed by trained human beings known as “Blade Runners”. Apart from futuristic story and lavish sets and very strange costumes, we find best performances of the actors in this wonder full movies. This is November and the years is 2019 in Los Angeles. The city’s police officer Gaff (played by Edward James Olmos) brings Rick Deckard (played by Harrison Ford) at the office. Rick Deckard was used to work as ‘Blade Runner’ and was responsible to destroy human like robots or aka replicants before his retirement. A former boss of Rick Deckard somehow makes him to find and destroyed five human like robots who have escaped from outer world human colonies and now they are hiding in the city. These replicants have come on earth to increase their limited lifespan. In his search and to understand the true nature of these renegaded replicants, Rick Deckard visits Tyrell Corporation and meet with the head of corporation Dr Eldon Tyrell (Played by Joe Turkel) and the creator of these NEXUS-6 model of replicants. Here he discovers that Dr Tyrell’s assistant Rachael (played by Sean Young) is also a highly sophisticated human like robot, but mistakenly she believes herself as human being. Now race is started Rick Deckard is in search of these human like robots and these robot are trying to find the ways to increase their life. On the ot... ... middle of paper ... ...tstanding performance. Ridley Scott has directed many wonderful sci-fi movies before and after ‘Blade Runner’ and all these movies carry a very deep human touch. For example his directed move Alien 1979 and Prometheus in 2012 are such wonderful creations. However, Ridley Scott himself likes Blade Runner very much and probably this is the main reason that he has released this film in seven different versions. Ridley Scott explains that Blade Runner is not a variation of all other movie of cop and the bad guys. This movie does show a cop, but there is a different kind of bad guy in the movie and in this case he is a replicant. I believe this movie should be categorised in the neo-noir genera, because of its overall dark and bleak setting, costumes and the look. This movie has been one of the favourite movies of the critics and there is no doubt why it should not be.
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