Blade Runner Replicants Are Not Real

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‘Blade Runner’ is a science fiction film in which the director, Ridley Scott explores the idea of replicants in a human society. It is produced by Michael Deeley and released in 1982.
This essay will discuss what is real and what is not, what is good and what is bad and the ways in which replicants are more appealing than humans.

Emotions and memories are a big factor of ‘Blade Runner’ but some people’s memories are not real or not their own personal memories. The newest edition of replicant and the love interest of Deckard, Rachael has the memories of Tyrells niece. Although she believes they are her own memories, Deckard knows her memories which is what convinced her of the fact that she is a replicant. Deckard shares her memories by saying, “You remember the spider that lived in the bush outside your window?” and continues describing the spider and the memory when Rachael cuts him off and finishes the sentence. It was in this moment when she realised that she was a replicant and discovers that her memories were “Someone else’s, they’re Tyrells nieces”. This evidence shows that for the replicants, their memories are not real which would make them question what is real and what is not. …show more content…

Scott examines how women are portrayed in the future as some replicants such as Zhora Salome are programmed to be pleasure models. Deckard asks Zhora “To get this job, I mean did you do…anything that’s…repulsive to your person?”. This suggests that she does not have the average person’s job. In ‘Blade Runner’ there are two different worlds, off world and on world. Wealthy people live off world and Asian people or people with health-related issues, either physical or mental are left on world. This is bad as it is separating the rich from poor and is not very fair for the poor people to be left in pollution and

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