Sinister and Brutal: "Replicant"

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I have seen Replicant quite a few times now, and I appreciate it more, each time I view it. For a direct to video film, your not gonna find many better then this one. Replicant is so sinnister in it's approach, taking us on a wild ride, we soon won't forget It's got much more depth then the usual serial killer film . It's unrelentingly brutal nature only helped the film. It starts off with a disturbing sequence of Van Damme burning a mother to death,then putting on one hell of an exciting chase sequence, when Rooker shows up. Van Damme's double performance as Luke and The Replicant is truly astonishing. I have been a Van Damme for many years. He's never been known for his acting, but lately he's been putting on some incredible performances, as far as him is concerned. He is absolutely chilling as Garrotte the serial killer, with no remorse, yet perfectly restrained as The Replicant, and vulnerable. I enjoyed him most as The Replicant, because he brought a lot of humor to the film's proceedings, with his mimicking of Michael Rooker. It also boasts some of the most im...

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