Biomedical Sesors Disadvantages

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Biomedical Sensors- Advancing Medical and Biotechnology
Introduction to Sensors
Sensors are regarded as small, tiny and intelligent devices that are used to measure physical variable like Temperature, Humidity, Gas, Velocity, Flow Rate, pressure and many others. According to American National Standards Institute, “A Sensor is defined as device which provides a usable output in response to a specified measure.”
A Sensor acquires a physical quantity and converts it into a signal suitable for processing e.g. Optical, Electrical, Mechanical. In today’s world, the words “Sensor” and “Transducer” are used in abundance especially in the description of measurement systems. The word “Sensor” is derived from entire meaning ‘to perceive’ and “Transducer”
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On the basis of Sensor Placement: Strip Sensors, Wearable Sensors, Implantable Sensors, Invasive/Non-Invasive sensors, Ingestible Sensors.
Biomedical Sensors Kits Available in Market for Patients Diagnostics
Biosensor is a kind of device which senses biomaterial and its concentration, and which converts the biosignal into electrical signal.
Special features of biosensor are the following:
1. Biological active material immobilized is used as catalyst, and expensive reagents could be repeatedly used to detect same biological parameters.
2. Biosensor has intensive specificity. Biomaterial only senses definitive ingredient and it is not affected by colour and concentration of measured material.
3. Biosensor could quickly analyse the result of the measurand.
4. Biosensor’s accuracy is very high; which relative error could reach one percent.
5. Biosensor’s analysing system is very simple.
6. The cost of biosensor is very low.
Top Next Generation Biomedical Sensors
DMI stands for DNA Medical Institute. It is a portable, compact device that uses a single drop of blood to perform hundreds of clinical lab tests, telling patients with gold-standard accuracy whether they have anything from the common cold to Ebola. DMI has a wide reach, focusing on global health, emergency and critical care, and space

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