Biography of Michael Jackson

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Biography of Michael Jackson On the 28th August 1958, a sweet African American boy was born. Unknown to anyone at the time, he would become one of the most renowned, extraordinary and puzzling faces in showbiz. Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary Indiana, where he grew up with his mum, dad and eight brothers and sisters. When he was just five years old, he and his brothers formed the amazing Jackson 5, after being signed by Motown Records following countless performances in local talent shows and clubs. They moved to California and their popularity soon sky rocketed after creating chart-topping hits such as ABC and I'll be there. But the fuel behind their success was someone the audience never saw; Joseph Jackson, father and manager to the Jackson 5. "My father was very, very strict. He was just one of those dads who wanted things to be right", Jermaine Jackson, Michael's older brother, told a British Documentary crew. However Michael has said that his father was more than just strict, and that he in fact beat the young boys, and he also reportedly nicknamed Michael Big Nose. His father denies this by saying whatever he did it was with the intention of getting his family out of Gary, Indiana, and out of the two-bedroom, one-bathroom house where he and his wife brought up his children. Meanwhile Michael was becoming the Jackson 5's lead vocalist and front man. His adorable image won everybody's hearts, and so he went on to start his promising solo debut in 1979. His first album, Off the Wall, reached No. 3 in the album charts, and spawned four top ten hits. He then went on to record one more album with his brothers, before releasing the album Thriller. This album transformed Michael from just another pop star to one of the biggest artists in history. Thriller spent 37 weeks at number one, and is still the biggest selling album ever. He soon became everyone's icon with his stunning trademarks. He performed spectacular dance moves such as the famous Moonwalk, he wore
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