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Michael Jackson: Why He is the King of Pop.
Imagine at the age of eight you are the lead singer of one of the most popular bands at the time with multiple songs reaching number one and produces incredibly popular albums, and at the age of around twelve you start a solo career, ("Jackson 5"). Michael Jackson's life was just that, including many multi-million selling songs across two music groups the Jackson 5 at the age eight and going solo at the age of twelve and having many adoring fans it contributed to Jackson being the best pop singer of all time. Although there were rape allegations which people suggest that Michael Jackson should be stripped of his title of the "King of Pop". Michael Jackson even with the faulty allegations, the popularity
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First off, the famous dance move the moonwalk, on a live performance of "Billie Jean" on May Sixteenth, 1983 this was the first time Michael Jackson had performed that dance and became one of Michael's most well-known moves, ( Editors). Today, and back then people all around the world try to do the moonwalk after the remarkable performance during, "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever.", if he had never performed that dance it wouldn’t be as idolized as it is today, and definitely represents his effect on the culture of today.
Jackson also influenced one of today's most popular music artists Bruno Mars who stated why he liked Michael Jackson so much:
I don't care what genre you do you should always aspire to be like Michael Jackson. Because the details the attention to detail he did on everything he did, everything he was a part of you can look at what made him so iconic...the way he sang when he sang, everything he did was Michael Jackson. (Mars qtd. in
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First, he became the first artist to have obtained a total of eight Grammys at one night during the twenty-sixth Annual Grammy Awards, (Grammys). The thing that is remarkable about this is it very hard just receive one Grammy, but to receive eight you need to be someone very special. Not only did he receive eight Grammys on one night he was also, one out of fifteen individuals to have received the, "prestigious Grammy Legend Award.", (Grammys). Since there was only a total of fifteen awards overall that means only fifteen of the most special or best singers can have received that award, and basically that can be used to conclude that Jackson was one of the most
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