Binge Drinking Issues

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One of the world’s leading health risks is the he harmful side using of alcohol known as binge drinking (WHO,2011:5). Binge drinking is the activity of drinking amount of alcohol in a short period of time, usually in order to become drunk ( And it is becoming increasingly recognized that it is a pattern young adults tend to have (Hermens at el.,2012:4). According to the research, binge drinking can be a major threat to public health. This essay looks deeply in to the binge drinking problem. It will first discuss the situation and major health issues caused by binge drinking. Then it will evaluate two current campaigns in the UK that aim to address this issue.

Binge drinking is quite common among young people …show more content…

And now it has become a severe problem especially for college students (Forster at el.,2014:1; Hermens at el.,2012:4). The reason for this is that most social interactions now are beer-directed (López-Caneda et al.,2013:464). In this case, students are more likely to have risk-taking behaviours such as binge drinking (López-Caneda et al.,2013:464). As soon as they go into the bars and in a short time, they may get excited and take a large amount of alcohol which is known as binge drinking (López-Caneda et al.,2013:464).

Researchers state that binge drinking can cause death and disease at a rate of 3.7% and 4.4% respectively all over the world (Hermens at el.,2012:1). Apart from this, further research indicates that alcohol contributes to negative outcomes that kill or disable people at a relatively young age (WHO,2011:20). This can give a result that many people can loss many …show more content…

Change4Life is a campaign in England warns drinkers that there is an increased risk of serious illness caused by exceed alcohol consumptions. It gave some tips to people to follow such as having alcohol-free days of a week, consuming some low-alcohol or alcohol free drinks instead, and using smaller glasses (Department of Health and The Rt Hon Andrew Lansley CBE,2012). As this campaign is highly exposed to people, it may be helpful to encourage people cut down their alcohol consumption and also to prevent binge drinking (Alcohol Research UK,2016). Apart from this, the campaign introduced a new online calculator to check how much alcohol they are consuming and work out whether they need to cut down (Alcohol Research UK,2016). This in some way solve the problem that the guidelines have which is the unclear definition of units (Boniface et al.,2013:978). However, the influence of this campaign can still be doubted. First of all, the campaign utilize people’s intention to binge drinking rather than behaviours (Hendriks et al.,2012:850). To efficiently prevent binge drinking, developing successful interventions are strongly needed (Hendriks at el.,2012:849). Apart from that, there was no direct effect of the campaigns detected on the intention to refrain from binge drinking (Hendriks at el.,2012:849). Thus, more researches should

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