Bike Narrative Essay

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The experience that I will discuss in this Personal Narrative is when I was about six years old and just learning how to ride a dirt-bike for the first time.It will tell you about how I almost died but learned a valuable lesson. Even though it didn 't really change the way that I ride or if I wear a helmet or not! So when I was about six years old I had gotten my very first dirt-bike.I was over-joyed because my father had just bought me a new 50cc honda motorsport, which was one of the best bikes at the time.When he bought me this I would always ask to go out and ride day and night even if it was pouring down rain or a hundred degrees outside.He would always tell me"no it 's too dangerous" and I would just sit there and just complain for the rest of the day.…show more content…
I really didn’t want him to sell it so I was usually quite after he threatened to sell my bike.Another thing he would also say is "you go get it then"but I was too weak to even lift up the garage door at that time.So I would just have to wait until he wanted to take me on a riding trip because he went on those
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