Beowulf Lesson Plans

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Course: Early English Lit

Time Allotment: 90 minutes.

Grade Level: 11

Lesson Topic: Beowulf (Historical Information)

Lesson Description: In this lesson, students will be introduced to the story, Beowulf in a couple of different ways. First, the students will be presented challenging vocabulary in the story. They will also be making flashcards and research for specific information about the Anglo- Saxon period to help them understand the background for Beowulf.

Lesson Rationale: This lesson is important because it is crucial for students to understand the difficult vocabulary before they can understand the novel. Also, knowing the aspects of the time period will help students read the story in a more in a more educated and deeper way. I will also be teaching the students a valuable procedure for studying vocabulary that will help them not only in this class, but other classes as well. This will be used throughout their educational career. Learning these skills will benefit students in the long run by giving them a more extensive knowledge of vocabulary, study, research and pre-reading skills.

Lesson Objectives:

-The student will be able to construct vocabulary note cards using words from Beowulf.

- The student will be able to complete a worksheet which deals with the history of the Anglo-Saxon period and Beowulf.

Alignment of Lesson with Subject Matter Standards:

2.B.5b: Apply knowledge gained from literature as a means of understanding contemporary and historical economic, social, and political issues and perspectives.

2A.5d: Evaluate the influence of historical context on form, style and point of view for a variety of literary works.

1.C.5a: Use questions and predictions to guide reading across complex materials.

1.A.5a: Identify and analyze new terminology applying knowledge of word origins and derivations in a variety of practical settings.

Resources/Materials Needed:

Sample vocabulary card

Vocabulary list

Index cards for students



Connections to Future Lessons: Throughout the following future lessons, students will be familiar with the story and how it relates to human behavior today. Is there a little Beowulf in all of us?

Lesson Structure/Procedures:

Distribute vocabulary sheets and explain vocabulary card strategy.

Have students work on their vocabulary cards for five minutes.

Distribute worksheets and have students work individually at the computers to research information.

Review worksheet.

Conclusion: Briefly explain the activity for the next day. Answer any questions, review worksheet, and talk about the history of Anglo-Saxon period.

Student Assessment Procedures: Students will be assessed by completing the worksheet correctly. Also, there will be a vocabulary quiz at the end of Chapter 1.

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