Analysis Of Beowulf

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You may have heard people say things like“Who needs English class, there 's not much to it, all you can do is read it.” “ Writing is like math, some people are just born with the talent.” There are now innumerable jobs requiring a writing paper off any source to confirm that one is set for the company. If a customer service company were to have unprofessional representatives, the company will lose more than half of its customers. Throughout my educational years, I’ve been assigned many papers; some examples are research papers, lab reports, summary papers, and analyzing papers. During my last year of high school, I was introduced to a new type of writing, named “Analyze with Reflection”. In class, the teacher would hand out articles, to read through; which then followed with by analyzing the summary and reflecting it on everyday life. I understood the assignment very well, maybe because most of the assignments were about …show more content…

Beowulf is an epic poem in that the main character (Beowulf) is a hero who travels great lengths to prove his strength at impossible odds against supernatural beasts and demons. Once I had read the article, I would give a brief summary about the article to let the reader know my reference, then I would proceed to either connecting the story to a book, movie, someone I know, or about my personal experience. In my paper I compared Beowulf to the children volunteers. Beowulf had a great quantity of similarities with the children volunteers. As Beowulf did his best to defeat the monsters physically, the students were carrying out the same function but by defeating illiteracy intellectually. The teens took their free time to help children who were signed up with the reading program, Beowulf took his time to help defeat monsters that were in nearby kingdoms. Both fought for the preservation of society by making the change they made and successfully achieving

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