Benefits Of The Marshall Plan

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The European Recovery Program, or the Marshall Plan as it is more commonly known, was vital in sparking economic recovery in Europe between 1948 and 1951. Through this plan, over $13 billion was used to finance said economic recovery which would further restore Europe’s confidence in terms of its economic future. This American initiative to help Western European countries recover from the detrimental effects of World War II, aided in rebuilding devastated regions, get rid of trade barriers, make industry more modern, prevent communism from spreading and also helping Europe to grow and prosper once again. This reconstruction plan was developed at a meeting of various European states and came into effect in July of 1947. Aid was also offered to the USSR and its allies but was denied on the grounds that they feared capitalistic governments might cause a conversion to capitalism. The Marshall Plan, to the Soviet Union, was seen as a means to interfere in other states internal affairs so it was ultimately rejected. The United States played a vital role in this plan as it wanted to help improve Western European economy…show more content…
With regard to denazification- which was an important point in the after math of World War II- positive repercussion were also produced. An important factor in denazification was not just concerning those that performed the atrocious acts of violence during the war but also German civilians. Initial American methods of denazification included re-education which was harsh and also hard for German people to accept, causing resentment towards the United States. With the Marshall Plan, Germany was provided with money and necessities and aid in stabilizing their destroyed economy. This help eased tensions between the German people and the United States military. With less tension and resentment, leaving behind the Nazi regime and their ideas were left

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