How Did The European Union Outweigh The Costs

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393 words

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The benefits of the European Union outweigh the costs. Ever since the end of World War II, countries in the EU have been helped economically, politically, and culturally.
The European Union has been helped economically ever since World War II. Right after World War II’s end, Europe was struggling to hold on. The countries of the modern-day European Union thought it would be a good idea to come together and help each others struggling economy. To this day, this decision has had a very positive outcome on the EU’s economy. As shown in Diagram 1, the European Union combined together has the world’s highest GDP at 18.3 Trillion USD as compared to the United States’ 17.4 Trillion USD GDP and China’s 10.4 Trillion USD GDP. The idea

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the benefits of the european union outweigh the costs. since the end of world war ii, countries in the eu have been helped economically, politically, and culturally.
  • Explains how the european union has positively affected its country's politics through the united kingdom and france.
  • Opines that the european union has preserved each countries culture by not making them change the language of countries and not requiring citizens to change their lifestyle.
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