Being a Twin- Personal Narrative

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Being a Twin- Personal Narrative As I walk through the crowded mall with my sister, little children stare, most adults do a discreet double take, and some bold adults question us outright. “Wow, are you twins?” “Do you know you look the same?” “What’s it like to be a twin?” “Do you have, like, psychic powers, or something with each other?” These are the most common questions twins hear. Almost all twins don’t really mind them and sometimes the attention is cool. Mostly, we just smile tolerantly at each other and answer them as best we can. After all, we don’t really know how to describe being a twin. We have never known anything else. Nonetheless, here we are. So, as a person who might not know exactly what she is talking about, I will try to briefly explanation to the general public the experience of being a genetic quirk. I have found that people have expectations of twins. The most common assumptions are that just because we look alike, my sister and I must have the same personality, dress the same all the time, like the same things, have the same friends, and g...
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