Behind Meat and Meat Factories

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Meat has been in our diet since the start of mankind. We eat meat everyday mindlessly. It is hard to avoid meat since it is everywhere we go. Meat is the majority of today’s food. There are very few vegetarian or vegan options in the food industry. Although, it has been growing more and more popular since it has become a lifestyle. The reason is to be the horrifying truth of today’s meat industry. For those who cannot bear the truth, pick up the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.
In 1906, Upton Sinclair’s book The Jungle was that starting point when the new coming meat industry was exposed. It began the Meat Inspection Act and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Since meat was such in high of demands, farmers had to take shortcuts to raise chickens, cows, and other animals. Then antibiotics came along and made raising animals easier. Unfortunately, the high demand and shortcuts made living conditions for the animal unsuitable. The meat produced today is much different than it was then. Most meat now are filled with hormones to raise them plumper.
Animal rights and health issues is a enormous problem in the meat industry. We may mindlessly eat meat, but have we ever gave a thought where it came from or how it was treated when it was still alive? The truth of meat industry may change the minds of those who eat meat. They might be more aware of what they are really consuming and give a second thought.
Meat is still a controversial topic today because more and more animal rights activist are protesting and the others argue back. While some have given up completely and fight for the animal’s rights. The opposers still fight head on today to keep the meat industry alive and growing. It is hard for the non-meat a...

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...ould be expensive but it would be more decent than it is now. When this happens, people would be more conscience with what they are eating.

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