Becoming a Nurse or Midwife

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Question # 1

What attributes are important for a registered nurse to have and why are they important?

A Registered nurse is strongly committed to provide meticulous optimum care to the client. Every nurse has to have the attitude of caring, patience and dedication. Being autonomous in nursing is very important while making decisions and practice and which can be obtained by continual education. According to Potter and Perry (eds 2009), Accountability refers to responsibility of the nurse professionally and legally for the provided care. Trusted professional relationship is strongly built by effective communication. Communication with patient, family and multidisciplinary is essential for quality nursing care to the client. Collaboration with the multidisciplinary team enhances the quality of care significantly. Often nurse acts as a liaison between patient and other health care members in that team. Trust is a basic value and in a trusted environment patient feels free to share honestly to the nurse. Ultimately, trusting relationships enhance quality and safe health care (Olshansky 2011). For example, Respecting patient’s value and beliefs is vital to create trustful relationship. Professional practice has some unique characteristics with it such as code of ethics for practice, dignity, specific service, extended education. Being professional nurses, they should have adequate theoretical knowledge and skills and practice within their legal frame. Nurses are not the persons just listening the words but they are the persons can give a solution by feeling empathetically which means feeling from patient’s side. A nurse should be stable emotionally and think critically are essential to analyze the problem and make appropriate ...

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