Becoming A Teacher : A Education Of Knowledge And Skills For Students

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As a future math teacher, I have high hopes for what I will be able to accomplish in the classroom. I hope that I can encourage or mold a love of learning in my students so that they are willing to explore the unknown. Building a foundation of knowledge and skills for students to use in other classes is a crucial goal for me. I want to be able to make learning accessible to all students so that when a topic is hard for a student, they will know that learning that topic is not impossible and will be able to keep trying until they learn. In my class, I will have appropriately high standards for my students while maintaining a positive atmosphere with a “can-do” attitude. I believe in order to be most effective, I should try as a teacher to integrate into my lessons aspects of all three major styles of teaching- classist, constructivist, and instructionist. In my classroom, maintaining a positive, friendly environment for my students will be very important. Giving students a safe place to come to when they may or may not have one at home is extremely important to me. I hope to be able to show my students support and compassion as they go through the various difficulties they face. As a teacher, I want to be both a mentor, manager of the class, and a facilitator of learning. I will show respect for my students but also expect to be shown respect as source of the final say so for discipline and other classroom matters. I think the instructionist approach to teaching is crucial as it is necessary for the students to be able to meet state standards. However I also think it is important to use the classist and constructivist approaches to broaden student understanding and not “box in” students. As a manager of the class, I will be the o... ... middle of paper ... ...particular moment, the students have a tendency to sit around and not do a whole lot. In order to avoid this sort of behavior, I would do my best to engage the students at all times and use a system of positive reinforcement to keep students on track. Over my years as a teacher, I hope to grow in my knowledge of how to be the best teacher I can be and utilize all the tools and tricks I have learned and will learn in college. I also hope that I could eventually progress to a higher position at the school such as principal or vice principal. I have ideas for programs to help children and help expand their growth like exposing middle schoolers to the idea of programming at an early age in order to open up more options to them as they age. I look forward to using technology to enhance the learning of my students while adding to the classroom with even more resources.

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