Baz Luhrmann Essay

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Mark Anthony Luhrmann, most commonly known as ‘Baz Luhrmann’, born in Sydney on September 17, 1962, is an Australia director who is highly credited as one of the greatest and easily depicted actors of Australia. This is shown through the direct use of camera angles, bright distinct colour and fast-paced editing which allows the audience to interpret the film as one directed by Luhrmann. In particular, Luhrmann directed the 1996 re-enactment of Shakespeare’s original ‘Romeo and Juliet’, set in Verona featuring two young stars who fell endlessly in love. Leonardo DiCaprio representing Romeo and Claire Danes acting as Juliet allowed for a slight insight as a modern audience to comprehend with the original aesthetics, ideas and perspectives of the film.

With the original concept of William Shakespeare’s film ‘Romeo and Juliet’ being kept, Luhrmann has adapted the film to be coherent with modern society and the themes followed through into the twentieth century which catered for today’s understanding of the film. Brought to life in modern times, Baz Luhrmann directed and co-wrote his own version of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in 1996, allowing for societies themes to be understood through visual elements. In Luhrmann’s version, camera angles allow for …show more content…

In particular Luhrmann uses colours to show the emotions of the scene and to allow viewers to interpret and feel as though they know what is going on. Along with this, the colours used allow Luhrmann to capture the attention of those watching to emphasise on the main issue of what is occurring in that scene. Capturing the effects of colours opens up a whole new window to the way we visualise certain

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