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INTRODUCTION The battery is a device that changes part [voltage?] control into electricity. Similar to other necessary inventions, this device has many different versions that were made from the 19th century onward; the manufacturing history of the battery is quite interesting. The battery is a mixture of basics that has produced new and creative designs through the understanding of its composition, and is used in almost every part of modern life. It is important to know the general idea of how the battery works. A battery consists of one or more electrochemical cells. Cells are measured as the key unit from which batteries are created. A cell is a set with four general components. It has a helpful electrode that receives electrons from the external track when the cell is discharged, and an unhelpful electrode that gives electrons to the external circuit. [ are these the correct terms: “helpful” and “unhelpful”?] One company is developing a new kind of lithium-ion battery using nanotechnology. New kinds of laptop batteries have more advantages than usual batteries. This new technology allows the battery to be recharged in 5 minutes for 80% capacity. This technology improves the battery life to 20 hours instead of the usual 3 hours. Furthermore, with the same nanotechnology, a new battery could be developed that will offer 500 miles [for what? a car?] for a recharge of 10 minutes. The battery has helped in the increase of technology, and has become a large innovation for a new way of living. The company is in its primary steps. It is necessary to consider the diverse kinds of approaches when using the technology. This essay will consider the diverse factors that are important for a product to be successfully sustained in the ... ... middle of paper ... ...l preparation is studied, as the battery includes toxic contents, and proper removals of waste is necessary. Reusable resources are recommended, and biodegradable articles are highly acceptable. Intellectual property protection is also measured. The battery is using a new nanotechnology for its improvement, so this can be copyrighted or can apply for a patent. During a patent, the owner will get complete power over his subject, and without the owner's approval, nobody can copy the subject. REFERENCES

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