Barbed Wire Essay

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How did barbed wire impact the expansion of the west? It changed the way cattle was ranched. Barbed wire helped farmers keep livestock out of their land and kept livestock from eating up all their crops. Barbed wire also stop the open range ranching and cut down the number of cowboys they needed to hire. It also kept the livestock from being easily stolen. Barbed wire impacted the expansion of the west by changing the way cattle was ranched and lands were divided. Barbed wire was first invented in 1874 by Joseph F. Glidden to help farmers, settlers, and livestock animals. It proved to be the most popular and most effective. Barbed wire was invented to help farmers fence off their land to keep the growing numbers of livestock from trampling…show more content…
Without fencing to keep cattle in, the bovines grazed freely competing for grass and water and destroying crops like wheat, oats, barley, and rye. The invention of barbed wire changed the way the west was constructed. Barbed wire limited the open range and started many fights over land, it also limited the freedom of ranches and cowboys. Barbed wire singular purpose was to keep in and to keep out it was first put to use on the Great Plains of American West in the late 19th century to restrict cattle and, implicitly, to secure territory by expansionist settlers and demarcate possessions. Barbed wire had a major impact on settlers and native americans living in the west. Not only did barbed wire stop cattle from eating farmers crops it also ended the open range ranching. Unlike the open-range ranches, livestock farms sheltered their animal during the bitterly cold winter months, feeding them stored fodder when snow covered up the grazing lands. Barbed wire enabled hundreds of thousands of farmers to translate their fencing revolution into a communications revolution making them for a few decades the best networked population in the nation. With that been said, barbed wire changed america’s west by revolutionizing the cattle business and sounded the death knell for the open range (Langley) (Barbed
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