Banning the Death Penalty

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“Any last words?” is the sentence that is given to the people who are about to be put to death.

Many prisoners in the past have been known to be killed before they were proven innocent. Many documented cases where DNA testing showed that innocent people were put to death by the government. This sometimes happens because there are defendants who are given minimal legal attention by often minor qualified individuals. The government has made many mistakes which are being wrong about convicting someone for something they didn’t do, and killing this person for the wrong reason. Putting the wrong person to death is the biggest mistake that can be made and the government cannot afford to make this mistake.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to ban the death penalty is because it doesn't change the fact that the victim is gone, and will never come back. Hate and revenge will never cure the fact that this person is gone; it won’t cure the emptiness of a lost love one. Forgiveness is the only way to cure the hate. Letting them rot in prison should be the best way to get back at them, murder ...
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