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What is a filing system? Filing system is a process of classification, arrangement, storage, control and indexing of files for the purpose of retrieving when it is needed. Filing system is used to keep the documents organized and used for easy retrieved. Nowadays, many filing system has been computerized. Computerized filing system is beneficial as it has many benefits to the organization. However it also has disadvantages, however I still think it is beneficial.
Firstly, the computerized filing system has the benefit of the speed than a manual filing system. It is because it can access the files easily and give the files needed immediately. Compared to the manual filing system, the employees must check the files and go to the pages one by one and it takes time to retrieve it. By using the computerized filing system, the employees can save their time because they just need to open the system and type the file’s name then the computer will find it. Hence, the computerized filing system is faster in speed to retrieve the files than manual filing system. It is also beneficial in speed as it can be seen and shared by others. For example, the other staff can use the system to key in any data while the other one can use it to find any records by using a different computer at the same time. Thus, it does not affect the others time to do their work.
Secondly, computerized filing system also can help the organization to save space. A manual filing system requires many spaces as they need space to store many data, information and records manually. Thus, a computerized filing system can help the organization to save space as it can store the records virtually. At the same time, it can cut costs as they don’t need any files, cabinet and box...

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...e reputation of the organization. Thus, the organization should solve this problem by sending their staffs to the seminar or workshop to learn about the skill needed. The organization also should test the computer skill for those who want to apply the job at their organization. The staff must be expert to make all the works run smoothly.
In a conclusion, computerized filing system is very beneficial, although it would trigger drawbacks. The computerized filing system is fast, can save space, help the organization to organize their records and improve their services. Although it has disadvantages, it can be solved. Thus, it should be used by the organization as it can help to improve the organization itself and have many benefits.

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