Nt1320 Unit 1

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Question 1.3 A database is for the most part utilized for putting away related, organized information, with all around characterized information positions, in a productive way for addition, redesign and/or recovery (contingent upon application). Then again, a record framework is a more unstructured information store for putting away discretionary, presumably disconnected information. The record framework is more broad, and databases are based on top of the general information stockpiling administrations gave by document frameworks. There are additionally contrasts in the normal level of administration gave by document frameworks and databases. While databases must act naturally reliable at any moment in time (consider banks following cash!), give confined exchanges and sturdy composes, a document framework gives much looser…show more content…
(b) Each GRADE_REPORT record i s identified with one STUDENT record and one SECTION record. (c) Each PREREQUISITE record relates two COURSE records: one in the part of a course what's more, the other in the part of an essential to that course. Question 1.10 A view that groups all the students who took each section and gives each student's grade. This may be useful for printing the grade report for each section for theuniversity administration's use.(b) A view that gives the number of courses taken and the GPA (grade point average) for each student. This may be used to determine honors students. Question 1.11 (a) The StudentNumber ought to be uni que for every STUDENT record (key imperative). (b) The CourseNumber ought to be remarkable for every COURSE record (key requirement). (c) An estimation of CourseNumber in a SECTION record should likewise exist in some COURSE record (referential respectability requirement). (d) An estimation of StudentNumber in a GRADE_REPORT record should likewise exist in some Understudy record (referential respectability
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