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And now, presenting the twenty-two time winner of the annual “Ultimate Gratitude” Competition, in which we determine who is truly the most deserving of our thanks: Mom! For your incredible feats of stamina, wisdom, and patience, the “Award of Ultimate Gratitude” is yours. Thanks Mom! Your stamina is tested every single day, and you always rise to the challenge. I mean, You somehow manage to wake up with me at five in the morning and drop me off about six miles away, before continuing another thirty miles to get to work. You don't even need to be there so early, but you get a good, unpaid head start anyways. Not to mention the work that you do! The title of 'Park Ranger' is just a fancy way of saying 'janitor,' or so you've told me. You run all the odd jobs: Preparing for events, running tours, keeping the park spotless, and even actually running the events that you set up, how do you do it? I mean, I've noticed that you don't come home sometimes, just slaving away at your historically significant, yet surprisingly understaffed house, but even when you do, you once again prove your c...
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