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In The Great Gatsby the theme of greed and egocentricity are depicted through the relationships of Daisy with Tom and Gatsby . Everything Gatsby has accumulated is to portray his wealth in order to mask his love for Daisy, his whole life after returning from war was to create a facade for his greed. Throughout the narrative it is apparent that greed is slowly overcoming Gatsby and that it eventually takes over Gatsby’s life completely. Daisy is illuminated throughout the Great Gatsby solely with materialistic wealth, her devotion to money is depicted through her relationship with both Tom and Gatsby. Daisy married Tom not through love solely for his vast amount of wealth and then fell back in love with Gatsby because of his lavishness. Gatsby’s greed throughout the narrative is masked by his love for Daisy and the love is the driving factor behind Gatsby’s accumulation of wealth.There are several instances that demonstrate Daisy’s association with money throughout the narrative,Gatsby creating a false lifestyle with a sole purpose to appear wealthy to appeal to Daisy, Tom using his relationship with Myrtle to create jealousy in Daisy through providing Myrtle with gifts along with a apartment devoted to her, and Daisy noticing all of the materialistic possessions Gatsby has in his mansion.
Gatsby fabricating a false reality of true wealth to impress Daisy exhibits how greed is masked by Gatsby's love for Daisy throughout the novel. Gatsby’s false reality he created for Daisy disconnects him completely from his former past and Gatsby struggles to reconnect with his past “He talked a lot about the past, and I gathered that he wanted to recover something, some idea of himself perhaps, that had gone into loving Daisy.” (110). Gatsb...

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...aisy is no longer a person but only an object to Gatsby.
Throughout the Great Gatsby greed is depicted through each character in the novel. Gatsby comes to the realization that he no longer loves Daisy and that the love has been replaced with greed. Daisy throughout the novel is associated solely with wealth this is apparent through her relationship with both Tom and Gatsby. Tom has an open relationship while married to Daisy with a mistress and attempts to make Daisy jealous through his love to Myrtle. Gatsby fabricates a false reality of wealth in order to love Daisy but his love is ultimately masked by greed. Gatsby began to realize that his love for Daisy was no longer existed and that it had been replaced with greed. Gatsby began to have a faint doubt in his happiness and realized that everything associated with Daisy even her voice was correlated with wealth.
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