Avalon High Character Analysis

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Have you ever had to transfer to an unfamiliar school and say your farewells to your closest of friends? Has the usual “Oh, you’re the new kid” ever echoed in your ears? What about worrying if you would have to sit alone at lunch or if the popular crowed would accept you? Well, according to her old friends, Ellie Harrison is considered lucky to have the opportunity to move schools. In Meg Cabot’s book, Avalon High, Ellie has moved to Annapolis, Maryland and will start fresh at Avalon high school. Ellie is accustomed to moving around a lot due to her parents being professors; however, Ellie is not sure what to expect as this new beginning in her life is about to start. What she does not know is that Avalon High is not just an ordinary school, and not everyone is who they appear to be. Meg Cabot used direct and indirect characterization to develop the actions of Ellie throughout the course of the book. Ellie is described as a girl who spends her time running with her dad and floating in her new swimming pool. “[Ellie] was so …show more content…

“Will wasn't like anyone else [she’d] ever met before” (Cabot 167). Even though Ellie had a bad assumption of Will at the beginning of the story, she soon helps the reader realize through her perspective that everyone is not who they seem to be. Will, “[the] immensely popular…athlete” is in fact not what the movies portray guys like him to be (Cabot 91). By becoming attracted to Will, Ellie established a strong theme. Come to find out, Will was popular for all of the right reasons instead of the wrong ones. “[Will] was . . . popular, not just with his fellow “jocks,” but with the less athletically inclined kids as well (Cabot 91). Will is very friendly to everyone he comes in contact with despite the things they do not have in common with each other. The reader would have never learned this about Will if Ellie had not of been vulnerable with her feelings while getting Will to show his true

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