Autonomy Research Paper

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Autonomy is made up of a number of components in which individuals learn to make their own choices without concern for judgment, and obtain the ability to remain true to who they are as individuals. When we are around certain individuals, we may or may not feel as if we have control over our decisions. Around some people, we will may feel a sense of empowerment, while around others we are made to feel uneasy in regards to the decision making process, and for various reasons pertaining to autonomy.
Keywords: autonomy, identity, self-esteem, self-concept, self-government, freedom, self-determination, self-sufficiency, sovereignty, freewill, resilience, health, endurance, viability, resistance, emancipation, choice, immunity, individualism,
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34). In other words, it is the ability of making your own decisions as you see fit without the need of approval from others. When certain ideas, values, beliefs, or goals are not shared among individuals this can cause reconsideration of the relationships in which they are involved, or a change of perception which may have conflicted with former stance, depending on how important autonomy is the individual. It is often compared to our basic needs, as we tend to preserve certain ideologies and it has the capability of being ‘lost’ resulting in unhappiness ,feelings of identity loss and entrapment, and/or mental death (Brogaard,…show more content…
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