The Importance Of Autonomy

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Autonomy is a concept that can be difficult to understand, however the meaning behind this word refers to the right of independence or freedom of an individual in order to be able to govern oneself. To this date we still all ask ourselves whether autonomy is a good thing and whether we really do govern ourselves. Well if we think about it, we actually do, naturally by the way we perceive philosophy currently as to how we perceived things back then differently. As for autonomy being the choice of whether it’s a good thing or not, it has a slight different meaning towards everyone in how they perceive things rather than what I believe in. Many individuals try to relate autonomy to many different considerations that play into account with, however…show more content…
Yet, the different senses of responsibilities are considerably reflected upon autonomy because one has to be obligated and responsible by their own choices. Therefore, moral obligations and responsibility are very important when speaking in terms of autonomy. We are responsible and obligated to know when it is right or wrong when deciding for oneself and how we live with the choices the way we do. Accepting whether this is a good thing, then once again I believe that it is because every human being should have the right and privilege to be in charge of being an individual and living life according to one’s own way of thinking rather than what others might say or do to convince us. From every individuals’ perspective, responsibility and following moral obligations have become requirements for certain people towards the actions that are placed upon their personal choices that are done by outsider’s forces. Hence, morals are viewed as individuals reacting in proper ways in order to be free from one’s own thoughts and how they decide certain things rather than being compelled from any type of external

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