Auckland Airport

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Exclusive Summary This report is showing what and where Auckland Airport is and also examines their performances. Auckland Airport is the busiest airport in New Zealand and was voted one of the top 10 best airports in the world twice for the past 3 years. Auckland Airport has a large connection with the world and will also be make a huge addition to tourism and trades. This report also examines what is happening to the domestic terminal and how the future will look like and what the advantages of the International Terminal. In my findings the report also talks about Auckland Airport performance and how much income they earn a year, how much passengers they are going to handle and how the future will hold. In my conclusion, the report summarises the advantages of Auckland Airport and shows why it is the second busiest airport in Australasia (first is Sydney). Table of Content 1.0 Introduction • 1.1 Terms of Reference • 1.2 Procedures • 1.3 Background 2.0 Findings • 2.1 Airport • 2.2 Terminals • 2.3 High Performances 3.0 Conclusions • 3.1 Airport • 3.2 Terminals • 3.3 Results and Performances 4.0 Reference 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Terms of Reference This report was requested by Jane Larkin, my Technical Literacy teacher, to help us improve our report writing skills for Civil Engineering. The assignment is to be submitted by the 9th May 2014. 1.2 Procedures Resources that I have used: • Auckland Airport Annual report • Auckland Airport Website • Hawkins Construction Website 1.3 Background The Domestic Terminal was made around mid-1960 and was use as a cargo facility. Auckland Airport was also opened in operation back in 1965, they c... ... middle of paper ... • The Gateway to the long white cloud (2013) Auckland Airport. Retrieve from: • Auckland Airport (2013). Retrieve from: • Auckland International Airport (2012). Retrieve from: • Auckland International Airport Annual Report (2013). Retrieve from: • AKL International Airport (2013). Retrieve from: • Domestic Terminal Changes (2013) Retrieve from:
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