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Peyton Manning throws the football and scores a touchdown, Mia Hamm takes the soccer ball down the sideline and scores a beautiful, curved goal. Michael Jordan makes a three-pointer – but are these athletes “jobs” worth the millions of dollars they receive? There are a few reasons it would make sense for an athlete to make a vast amount of money, for instance, “it takes an insane amount of dedication, sacrifice, aversion to pain, tenacity, and determination to get to be the king of the hill. If you make it, then you deserve every penny” (Source A). These commendable skills do make them the cream of the crop, but is this enough to earn them a wage that scales into the hundred millions? No. Athletes are paid nonsensical amounts of money for entertainment purposes; they’re being handed money by a society that worships a good fight or a rivalry game. In fact, this money could be better used in so many other contexts.
The most valid and substantial reason athletes are overpaid relates to their performance. Yes, they are professionals, but in the grand schemes of things, what are they really accomplishing? These people are playing a game for entertainment purposes. Mark Simmons states that “… Ozzie Smith earned $2.34 million from the St. Louis Cardinals for pounding his frame into the dirt and fetching all those grounders” (Source A). Similarly, someone states that athletes make more than enough money for “throwing a ball or swinging a bat” (Source E). The capital that is spent on athletics is astounding; some athletes are making hundreds of millions of dollars over consecutive years for fiddling with a ball or running around. And it seems such a wild thing to be making that kind of money off a task that requires no formal education. ...

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...e on $23,904 a year (Source C), and yet an athlete that doesn’t affect your personal life in the slightest, that is merely a vision on your television screen, makes millions of dollars a year.
In brief, when you turn on your television and see Sports Center discussing athletes’ salaries, there will be critics and supporters, no doubt. There always will be. In reality, though, you know that these athletes are not entirely deserving of the money they receive. An athlete’s performance on a television screen alone is not nearly enough to get millions of dollars. So then why are we willingly handing these people this amount of cash? Why do we not keep in mind the variety of other things our money could be usefully going to instead? The check these athletes procure is in no way proportional to their valiant effort in a game or their aid in helping a sports team advance.

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