Assessment of the Hydrogeological Aspects of White River in South Dakota

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Water is one of our mainly significant natural assets. If our planet would be lacking it, there would be no life present on this planet earth. It’s the duty of Hydrologists to study all characteristics of water bodies present at site and its relation to geography, geology, topography, biology, and chemistry. It’s the duty of Hydrologists to understand the problem present at site and then solve the problem by applying applicable technical knowledge and mathematical principles to solve water-related problems in civilization. These problems include the quantity, quality, and availability of water. The main task of the report is to evaluate the Groundwater resources and quality, the second part of this report is to evaluate the Surface water quality of White River in southeastern South Dakota.
The team of engineers is probing the White River in southeastern South Dakota for two concerns namely groundwater resources and surface water quality concerns. White River has expressed no serious apprehensions about the possible contacts of any prospect development on the southeastern South Dakota. Thus it is the need of time to undertake a hydrological and hydrogeological assessment, working to a brief agreed with Natural resources present in southeastern South Dakota.
Scope of work
The plan of the study is to prepare a preliminary assessment of the potential hydrological and hydrogeological aspects of White River in southeastern South Dakota. The following scope was proposed:
On-site mapping of water bodies, catchments, flow direction, precipitation and runoff, infiltration and lithology of soil strata so that all of the small streams leading into the river and surroundings are clearly understood.
The exercise of long term r...

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...ut as per the schedule. From the analysis it is observed that an estimate of 85 working days can be taken as the project time. The extra days which have been added are just to compensate contingencies found during the project timeline. Now as per 85 days the number of work hours will be approximately 680 work hours. Thus the Project budget is tabulated below for the reader:
Sr. # Designation Pay per hour ($) Work Hours Required (hrs) Total Pay ($)
Project Manager 150 680 102000
Project Engineer 100 680 68000
Trainee Engineer 40 680 27200
Research Scientist 60 520 31200
Survey Assistant 25 600 15000
GIS Assistant 20 600 12000
CAD Assistant 20 600 12000
Support Staff 15 550 8250
Transportation 0.4 / mi 600 mi 240
Contingency 40% 110356
Grand Total 386246

Thus the project budget is approximately $386,246, the calculation is shown above for the reader.

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