Arthur Birling's Outlook on Life Socially and In Business

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Arthur Birling's Outlook on Life Socially and In Business

In the play, Arthur Birling was one of the Predominant characters that

portray an unsophisticated and Pompous man, but on the other hand Mr.

Birling was one of the wealthiest businessmen in the area (Brumly) and

was very involved in local politics. His success brings him hopes of

achieving Knighthood and thus making him closer socially to Lady Croft

and Sir George.

“….there’s a far chance that I might find my way into the next Honours

list. Just for a Knighthood of course.” (Act 1. p.8)

As the play progresses the description of Mr. Birling certainly

grants him a threatening appearance due to his size and stature.

“heavy-looking rather portentous man” (Act 1, p.1).

Arthur Birling was brought up in a family that were not land owners or

gentry (Contradictory to the lifestyle he desires) and so his

upbringing figures predominantly in his social inadequacy but with his

wealth that he attained, he was able to climb up the social ladder.

His social inadequacy leads to his contempt for weakness and stupidity

of others, amalgamated with his over towering self confidence, leads

him to think he can do no wrong and his actions towards Eva Smith were

not wrong at all:

“I discharged her from my employment nearly two years ago…the girl has

been causing trouble in the works. I was quite justified” (Act 1,


Arthur believes that this sort of attitude is absolutely essential for

the business world and feels that he has an immense responsibility

towards making his business’s successful. And trying to make as much

profit as possible and weakness and foolishness is comp...

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...fe’s actions

of rejecting Eva:

“And I should think so! Dammed Impudence!” (Act 2, p.43)

Over all, there were very few incidents when Arthur Birling showed

some remorse…although it was momentary:

“Look, Inspector –I’d give thousands…yes, Thousands” (Act 3, p.56)

Mr. Birlings pompous arrogant attitude continues when he questions

Inspector Goole’s professionalism. Accusing the Inspector as being,

fake and Telling Unreal Stories. These arrogant accusations leads him

to believe that these Unreal Stories have no meaning, and therefore

has nothing to do with him. This is a typical example of his

complacent and selfish character.

Overall Mr. Birling inhibits all undesirable mannerisms; he is a

greedy, selfish, arrogant stupid man who is hopelessly inadequate in

learning moral values taught by Inspector Goole.

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