Social Psychology In The Movie Crash

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The movie Crash is in the streets of Los Angeles. If you notice all of the characters seem to play the victim and accuser in different racial situations. There is a story behind each character over a two day period. There is the detective who is prejudice against his own race whose younger brother is a criminal. There is Jean who is prejudice against black people after getting robbed. John is the cop who is racist against all black people and sexually assaults Christine in front of her husband. This movies show’s so many of the social psychological principles through the story of each individual. This movie portrays so many of the social-psychological principles. One that is really noticeable is the person perception principle. In the scene…show more content…
He is talking to a woman and she is telling him how his father has been to the clinic three times that month and there is nothing they can do about it any longer. He ask to speak with her supervisor which she is the supervisor. Once the woman states that her name is Shaniqua he makes a rude comment and she automatically hung up in his face. After this happens John has a negative impression of all African American women. He is discriminating against all African American women just because what happened with Shaniqua not giving his dad medical assistance. “Discrimination is a hurtful action toward a particular group of people because they belong to that group.” In another scene John is with his partner Hansen and they pull over the Thayer’s who look to be doing some type of sexual intercourse. He doesn’t pull them over, because they are performing sexual intercourse in the car but because they happen to be a part of the particular group he doesn’t like. Since his views of all African American women are changed as negative he forcefully takes his anger out on Christine by sexually harassing her in front of her husband. Her husband wants to react, but he is in a position to where he can’t do anything. Ryan knows what his partner is doing is wrong, but he has to be obedient seeing how he is a police officer. Obedience is following the demands of an authority. He talk’s his partner into letting them go rather than saying that he’s wrong and needs to
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