Art Work Analysis: Michelangelo and The Renaissance

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This paper will argue that Michelangelo was a true renaissance artist by sharing information about his life, artwork, and analysis.
Michelangelo was born at Rome, in March 6, 1475. He was an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer of the High Renaissance. He was considered the greatest artist of his time. When he was introduced to art, he basically worked with marble his whole life and worked in other arts during specific time periods. His two best-known works are the Pieta and the David. (Gilbert,1)
When Michelangelo was learning the arts, he was an apprentice for Lorenzo the Magnificent. Michelangelo admired his teacher’s work and managed to copy his teacher’s work and got noticed by Ghirlandajo, who recommended him to the palace of the Medici. While he was at Medici, he stayed with Lorenzo’s sons in a fancy part of Florence, Italy. At this time, he was introduced to poet, Politian. When Lorenzo died, Michelangelo stayed home and studied anatomy. Soon after, he sculpted a marble Hercules, which was taken to Fontainebleau and has disappeared since. ( Michelangelo Buonarroti,2)
During the artists’ sculpting, he managed to create a sculpture called the “Virgin and Child”, which was also known as the “Madonna and Child.” This sculpture took 3 years to make, it started in 1501 to 1504. The child’s head and arms rest on a book, which is being held by Madonna. The sculpture is supposedly to represent sorrow and sadness, as Madonna’s eyes are closed. Apparently the sculpture is in both London and Florence. ( Family, Childhood, and Artistic Germination)
In 1495, a sculpture called, “ The Saint John in Wilderness”, was executed by Angelo. He managed to sculpt another piece of art, which was the “Saviour.” While Angelo...

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... started in 1542 to 1550. Close to his death, he wanted the Pieta to be on his tomb, to show himself as Nicodemus ( a Pharisee, which is a member of a Jewish sect.) He managed to begin working on another pieta on his 89th year of age. In 1546, Michelangelo was made Chief Architect and helped complete the church in St. Peters. ( The Life and Time of Michelangelo,4)
Sadly, an era came to an end on February 18th. Michelangelo passed away due to two illnesses and he outlived Julius ll. He was rumored to be homosexual due to vast majority of male nudity and he met a guy, whom he truly fell in love with, Tommaso Cavalieri, who was also an artist. He passed away in Rome and was buried in Florence. His work managed to get more popular when he passed. Him and his artwork are both admired, even to this very day. ( Michelangelo, The Complete Works,3)
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