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Art 2D The Denver Art Museum is located at 100 West 14th Avenue Parkway. I attended the exhibit of the "The Painters and the American West" on November 24, 2000. The piece of artwork I critiqued for TECHNICALLY AND ARTISTICALLY, I chose the "Girl with the sunburned nose". The dimensions and media were painted with acrylic on canvas. The date this piece was created was 1927-29. The artist who created this piece was Victor Higgins. Victor Higgins was born in Indiana in 1885. At the age of fifteen, he enrolled in the Art Institute of Chicago against his parents'. He studied Academy of Fine Arts. Higgins found the strong light and color in New Mexico and this refreshed him to his academic upbringing. He joined the Taos Society of Artists in 1917, but did not settle permanently in the region. Though primarily remembered as a landscape artist, his unique transitional style also extended to still life and figure works. Higgins died in 1949. Using Elements this artwork had many. He used Color, which has a value from lightness to darkness because of the wallpaper behind the girl; it begins from light blue to dark blue. Form, was used with her coat it was painted in a three dimensional way. Space, had a lot of positive space because the wallpaper behind her took up all of the space. Texture, the painting had a unique way of making the piece of art look real. Using Principles Higgins used Movement, in his painting the wall lead the viewer to look at the girl. Balance, was symmetrical because it was of a still life figure, which had to be balanced. Emphasis, was the background of the painting. Rhythm, was irregular because not everything was the same shape from the background. Contrast, was from light to dark. He also used Unity in his painting, this gave completeness to the background. The materials used in this painting by Victor Higgins were acrylic on canvas. I critiqued a piece of artwork for a PERSONAL RESPONSE, I chose "Another Church, Hernandez, New Mexico". The dimensions and media of this artwork were acrylic on canvas. This piece was created in 1937. From the painting of Georgia O' Keefe I found that she has a religion due to the cross in the middle of the painting and how the painting is of a church. I think O' Keefe is trying to communicate to the viewer that God is a part of nature.
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