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Historical Development of Models from Aristotle to Newton
There were 6 models of the universe from Aristotle to Newton.
Aristotle was the first to publish a model of the universe (approximately 300 BC) that was accepted. His model was Geocentric (Earth at the centre), the sun and the other planets were orbiting the Earth and the stars were fixed on the Celestial Sphere. Planets needed constant application of force to be able to stay in the perfect orbit around Earth that was stationary. He believed that the Earth was the centre as even water on it was moving towards one point, the Earths centre and the centre of the Universe.
Claudis Ptolemy
Ptolemy was the second person to try and come up with a model of the Universe. He enhanced Aristotles model around 140 AD, by adding epicycles to the orbits of the planets and the sun to account for the retrograde motion of the planets in the sky. Sometimes those epicycles were placed on top of others as just one epicycle was not enough to explain the motions of some planets. His model was kept until around 1514 AD.
Nicholas Copernicus
Copernicus overthrew the way of thinking of our universe for almost 1500 years with the publishing of his Heliocentric (Sun at centre) model of the universe. Although the orbits were perfect circles, and the stars were fixed on the Celestial Sphere, his way of thinking revolutionised the way people thought of our universe. Although his model was accurate, that was only up to some extent. Placing the Sun in the centre of the Universe still did not abolish the idea that the planets were not on epicycles and so they were used.
Jonannes Kepler
Although Kepler did not publish his own model of the universe, he perfected Copernicus' model using 'Tyco Broche'...

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...y, allowing further development of the Model of the Universe. Nicholas Copernicus, introduced a new way of thinking about our Universe, by placing the Sun at the centre of the Universe. Jonannes Kepler, using Tyco Brahe's data, was able to prove Copernicus correct, although, Tyco stated that the Universe was Geocentric, his data proved to be extremely useful. Galileo Galilei, by using the new technological advancement, the 'telescope', was able to provide more solid proof for the Heliocentric model. Sir Isaac Newton, By using much more complex telescopes, was able to discover that your Solar System was just a part of our Galaxy was not alone, But part of hundreds of thousands of others that make up the Universe. Using calculus, and the light spectrum shifting, was able to determine that our Universe was expanding, later to be proven by Einstein's equation; E=mc^2.
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