Argumentative Essay On Same Sex Parents

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Parents are known to have a big impact on their chills’ life. As children grow up they learn from their parents and model behaviors that they see after them. Relationships between child and parent are also an important factor in child development. Many believe that having same-sex parent impacts a child’s life. I do not believe that the sexual orientation of a parent either negatively or positively impact the child but the relation between the child and the parent has the most impact on a child’s life not the sexual orientation of the parent. Having same-sex parents does not negatively impact children. Parent children relationship has shown to be important indicators on friendships, how well a child does in school, and also a predictor of…show more content…
There indicators of child developmental outcomes were categorized into parent and child relationship quality, children’s cognitive development, children’s gender role behavior, children’s gender identity, children’s sexual preference, and children’s social and emotional development. There analysis showed that children with same-sex parents fared equally to children raised by heterosexual parents when comparing developmental outcomes. Same-sex parents also reported a significantly better relationship with their children than heterosexual parents, which was measured by the parent or child perception of the quality of their relationship. This goes back to the argument that parent sexuality has no impact on the child but rather the relationship between the parent and the child has is the most impactful. In Crowl, Ahn and Baker (2008) meta-analysis study also found that the parent sexual orientation had no effect on gender identity, cognitive development, psychological adjustment, and sexual…show more content…
Research has already shown parent sexual orientation has no significant effect on children’s psychological adjustment in Wainright, Russell, and Patterson (2004) as well as Rivers, Poteat, and Noret (2008). There has been a stereotype that a man and a women should raise a child and if not the child would be “confused” about gender behavior, identity and sexual orientation. Wainright, Russell, and Patterson (2004) study has shown that parental sexual orientation has no effect of adolescent romantic attractions and behaviors. The results of their study show that children of same sex parents have a significant relationship quality. There was no significant difference in children’s’ general role behavior, children’s sexual orientation, gender identity, children’s’ cognitive development and psychological adjustment. Having same sex parents has no impact on a child’s gender role behavior, sexual orientation, gender identity, cognitive development and psychological adjustment. Having a same-sex parent has no impact on a child but rather the relationship that the child has with the parent no matter the parent’s sexual orientation. The relationship between the parent and the child s what can
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