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Have you ever entered a place that made you feel at home? A place that doesn't compare to others? Or just a place where all your worries seemed far away? Rosenblatt stadium was all these things and more. Even though it no longer stands, the memories it left behind will live on within us for a long time. The stadium brought many people together and made them feel special. No matter what age, race, sex, or interest people felt welcomed and a sense of belonging. Thousands of screaming fans fill the stadium to watch players dreams come true. There is no memory like the memories created at Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium. Former home of the College World Series for 60 years, sat 25,000 people, and opened in 1948. In this stadium everyone felt welcomed. …show more content…

The introduction of the new stadium and demolition of Rosenblatt gave many mixed feelings. People were happy to give CWS’s players a nicer field and locker room. They were also sad to give away so many memories and a place that felt like home. The community didn’t want to give up a historical landmark in Omaha. People wanted to create more memories at their favorite stadium. Even now that Rosenblatt is just a piece of history, it will always be remembered. Rather it be in the hearts and souls of the fans or players who visited there over the years Walking up to the stadium the first thing that people would notice was a statue of baseball players picking up another player. t was one of the most photographed things at Rosenblatt. This statue was not forgotten and created a new home at TD Ameritrade park. Walking into the doors of Rosenblatt was an amazing experience, the stadium roared with a life of its own. The seats were bright and full of color and usually packed tight with fans. Walking through the halls was never a dull moment. Mixed smells of sweat and popcorn, sounds of laughing and raging fans, the touch of the foam finger in your hand, and the feeling of excitement. People would form lines everywhere. For food, the bathroom, or to get a poster signed by their favorite player. The final CWS teams would have a set time where they would sign autographs and take pictures with their …show more content…

They filled it with love and happiness. Even the opposing teams’ fans would shake hands and share jokes. Outside of the stadium was always filled with vendors selling memorabilia.The outside of the stadium had just as many people celebrating as the inside. The streets surrounding would be busy with people dropping others off or trying to park. As fans drove by they would chant there teams’ mottos and hang from the windows. Everyone came together at Rosenblatt, creating its own community of family and friends. Watching the teams run out onto the field at the beginning of each game was one of the best parts. The fans were rowdy and the teams were proud. The players played their hearts out trying to be number 1 and their fans wanted it almost as bad as they did. Some of the best games took place on that field. Blood, sweat, tears, and devotion were left on that ball field night after night. The stadium was not only the home of the CWS but it also held local games. They would also rent the stadium to let other ball players have the opportunity to use the field. Playing at Rosenblatt was a baseball players dream. Not only did the college teams get to enjoy the feeling of playing there, but also others who one day wanted the chance to play for the national

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  • Opines that rosenblatt stadium made people feel at home, a place that didn't compare to others, or just where all their worries seemed far away. the stadium brought people together and made them feel special.
  • Describes the memories created at johnny rosenblatt stadium, the former home of the college world series for 60 years.
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