Kinesiology in Rampage Ice Hockey

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While over the spring break my father, boyfriend, and I partook in supporting our home towns local ice hockey team the San Antonio Rampage take on Grand Rapids Griffins. However, while going through the procedure of finding our seats, attaining snacks and beverages, and watching the game I was able to examine different kinesiology components throughout the event. Just by entering the AT&T center one can be overwhelmed by the lights and excitement of everything going on however, the organization going on here is very extensive and if broken down they can analyze how everything can relate to sports kinesiology in some way. Initially, we had a hard time finding our seats but once discovered the game was quite entertaining and sensational. As was previously stated, we had a hard time finding out seats and yet, I couldn’t help but ponder what aspect of kinesiology the ushers were failing to accomplish by sending us from one place to another thus, the ushers were part of the sports management aspect. Anyhow, once our seats had been located it was off to the vendors to find a nutritiou...

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