Argumentative Essay On Refugee Children

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In today’s society refugee resettlement is increasing due to the violence over seas. This transition is a scary yet necessary change for the families in danger. In America we have the resources and freedom that the refugees need to have a better life; however, the negative response to their presence in a new country is harming the families as well. John G. Orme’s article, “Measuring Parental Knowledge of Normative Child Development,” Maurice Eisenbruch’s “The Mental Health of Refugee Children and Their Cultural Development” and Earl E. Huyck’s “Impact of Resettlement on Refugee Children” support my argument regarding the effects of resettlement and their correlation with the negative events which tend to follow refugees, while Warren St. John’s novel, “Outcasts United: An American Town, a Refugee Team, and One Woman’s Quest to Make A Difference,” provides anecdotal evidence to support my claim that the culture shock, stresses of finding a job, and pressure to learn english is overwhelming enough, not to mention discrimination, and moving to an unfamiliar place. Meaning, that the violence and poverty that follows refugees, especially young refugees, is due to the…show more content…
It is further postulated that personal bereavement and cultural bereavement are complementary, which can be an important factor in a refugee child 's adjustment. These children are vulnerable to ‘disrupted development time’ and so earlier losses of family and culture can seed problems which can emerge after resettlement. (Eisenbruch 282) Many of the boys in Outcasts United either lost or were separated from their fathers. This

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