Argumentative Essay On Re-Mediation

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Silvia Diaz
Professor Misuraca
First Year Writing
9 October 2017
Every few months there seems to be a better, faster, thinner, overall smarter technological product released. Whether it is a new apple iPhone or a Windows Surface laptop, new products and developments are thrown at the public left and right. Although there are thousands of varying products released they all still have one unifying factor. Each new smartphone released is thinner, has a faster processing system, and more screen surface area. All of these improvements are working towards transparent immediacy, which is a more “immersive” experience (Bolter/Grusin 21). The ceaseless re-mediation of technology leading to transparent immediacy is ultimately progressing …show more content…

While these everyday tasks can now be completed superiorly than before these re-mediations, there are still arguments that they are regressing society. As society becomes “more connected through the internet, cell phones, and social networking, privacy for children is becoming a major concern, and one that is difficult to find a solution to” (Hatch 16). As a result of increased transparent immediacy, children use technology more, which makes them vulnerable to disclosing private information because they are more inexperienced and naive. Despite the new ease of completing many tasks on multiple devices faster, they also provide excess distractions, such as social media, that “affect the way children’s developing brains absorb new information, and can lead to continuous partial attention” (Hatch 19). They may be able to multitask, but they now have trouble focusing “due to constant bursts of new information” (Hatch 20). Overall, the heavy use of technology can have negative effects on children, but technology is only becoming more apparent in their everyday

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