Argumentative Essay On Abortion Permissible

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According to the above statement, abortion is permissible because women have the right to decide how to treat their own bodies. I will argue for the view that abortion is morally permissible due to the basic human rights that women possess. First of all, I will argue that banning abortion will not make the practice less frequent, only more dangerous. Second, I will challenge the argument that if women become pregnant, they should accept the responsibility that comes with creating a child. Lastly, I will argue that a woman’s body is her own property and no one can use it without continuous content. To begin, women who choose to obtain an abortion should have access to it in a safe, legal environment. Placing a ban on abortion certainly leads to dangerous measures that
With about 42 million unintended pregnancies each year worldwide, approximately 20 million of these women choose to obtain an abortion. An estimated 68,000 women die from unsafe abortions each year. (Haddad) This overwhelming number is a prime example of why the government should not chime in on what choices a woman should make for her own health. In my opinion, it is best to keep abortions safe and legal for women so they do not face complications in the future if they have previously obtained an unsafe procedure. Next, many “pro-life” advocators believe that if a woman chooses to have sex without taking the necessary precautions, she should accept responsibility that comes with producing a child. However, many of these people fail to recognize that the woman did not do this alone. Many men abandon women when they find out they are pregnant, leaving them to endure a complicated, emotional pregnancy alone. Having options other than going through with an unwanted pregnancy puts woman on an equal scale to men. If women have the right to choosing sexual abstinence and using contraceptives, why is their right to an abortion still an issue? Abortion is an

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