Argumentative Essay: Conflicts Between Whites And Native Americans

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Conflicts Between the Whites and the Natives American Essay There have been long conflicts between the whites and the Native Americans. The source of these conflicts is that the whites want to use the Indian’s land as a source of profit. My claim is that the business of the people and the Native Americans is still what happens here in the present. In the Early 1620s at Jamestown, the English wanted the land of the ancestral home of the Powhatan Indians. The British plantation owners wanted Indian land to grow more tobacco, for profit. On pg.33 in The Different Mirror, it says,”Within a few years the Jamestown colonists discovered a profitable new business-growing tobacco for export.” The English method to remove …show more content…

It was in October 2016 when the North Dakota wants to build a pipeline under the Missouri River to transport oil. In the news article, it says,”The Dakota Access pipeline, a $3.8 billion, four-state project designed to carry oil from North Dakota to Illinois….” The Indians are protesting telling that they shouldn’t make the pipeline there. It says from the continue sentence,”... has become a rallying point for American Indian tribes and others determined to block it.” The aggressors are the North Dakota because they are destroying the Indian’s history. In the article, it says,” They say the pipeline threatens water sources and will disturb sacred sites and artifacts, and there is a broader concern about tribal sovereignty and rights.” The methods for attacking the protestors is to threaten the Indians. It says in the news article of Standing Rock Special: Unlicensed #DAPL Guards Attacked Water Protectors with Dogs & Pepper Spray ,” Amnesty’s move came one day after hundreds of police with military equipment arrested over 140 people after attacking them with pepper spray, Tasers, sound cannons, bean bag rounds and rubber bullets. Native American water protectors who were arrested Thursday say police divided them up and sent them to remote jails around the state,” They also attacked them with dogs. The source is an interview with Amy Goodman on the Democracy Now

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