Happiness And Happiness: Money Cant Buy Your Happiness

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Personality based on Attained Income
"Money can't buy you happiness." An all too common phrase that is usually told from someone who is trying to teach a younger person that money isn't everything and no matter how much money you have, you will never truly be happy. Money can't buy happiness directly but it sure makes the journey to finding happiness a lot more comfortable, therefore making a person a lot more easygoing and not troubled by so much stress. Life satisfaction is an ever-changing complexity because of what it means to be satisfied. According to a research study conducted by Gallup Organization, there are two aspects of subjective well-being. Being satisfied with ones life is the emotional quality of an individual’s everyday experience
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Consequently, this implies that Money can buy some sort of happiness. People will think about their own personal lives and subconsciously think that they aren't or are satisfied and getting things out of life that are fulfilling based on money. Money can buy solace; it can pay off debts causing someone to be less stressed. Money can also buy things that make life easier, such as a simple dishwasher, a machine that can do the dishes for someone, saving more time for a person to do what they want. In an article published by the Economics Department of Minnesota University and Warwick University, they analyzed the correlation of income and life satisfaction by first analyzing how the traits interact with certain relationships. They said that Neuroticisms affect life satisfaction because it modulates the relationship between income and life satisfaction. This effect is largely mediated by personality traits (DIW article). The article continues to explain that their income doesn't directly effect life satisfaction, a persons subjective satisfaction derives from neuroticism. Neuroticism is linked to an overwhelming sensitivity to negativity, resulting in having high rates of emotions like anger, depression and anxiety (DIW article, pg. 3). The article continues to explain that people who have higher

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