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Argumentative Essay Remember being younger and joking around with friends about self-driving cars? Well, it is quickly becoming a reality. With more advancements to technology and greater use of robotics, car companies are implementing certain things that will supposedly make driving easier and safer for all humans. While self-driving may be safer on the road, their giant impact may do more harm and good. Self-driving cars can harm the economy, be used against the driver and others through hacking, and may not even be available to everyone. As stated earlier, self-driving cars have the ability to hurt the economy. There are countless jobs are require someone behind the wheel, and if self-driving cars are used for those jobs instead of people,…show more content…
Matt Richtel and Conor Dougherty state in their article, “Google’s Driverless Cars Run Into Problem: Cars With Drivers”, that a self-driving car “couldn’t get through a four-way stop because its sensors kept waiting for other (human) drivers to completely and let it go.” When someone typically waits at a four-way stop, they may inch forward slightly while waiting for their turn to go. The car isn’t programmed to accept this, so it stayed there until everyone else completely stopped for it. Richtel and Dougherty also state that humans “make eye contact. On the fly, they make agreements about who has the right of way.” Not every single possible event that could occur on the road is in laws or books. It would be a complete struggle for driverless cars and humans to adapt to one another. There would also be the question of what would happen if a self-driving car broke down. What would happen to it, and others around it, if the car broke down in the middle of a freeway? Having someone in the car to monitor it could help deal with this, but as Kristen Weir states in their article “Along for the Ride”, ”In an automated system, drivers may feel compelled to monitor the behavior of the system as well as keep an eye on the driving environment. That extra pressure might increase stress and error.” Even with someone in the car, things could go wrong with the…show more content…
If hackers have the ability to get into the government’s most classified documents, they may have the ability to get into a car’s technological system. In his article titled “How Google’s Self-Driving Car Will Change Everything”, Joseph A. Dallegro asks the questions, “Who will have access to any driving information these vehicles store? There’s also the question of security, as hackers could theoretically take control of these vehicle, and are not known for their restraint and civic-mindedness.” If a hacker could take control of a self-driving car, they could doanything from turning off sensors, controlling music being played, to even control the steering and speed of the

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