Argumentative Essay About My Father

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What is a father? A father, according to Oxford Dictionary, is a man in relation to his natural child or children. While this may seem like a simple definition to many people, the true definition of a father has gradually changed over time. As the number of children born out of wedlock continues to increase, the chances of a father being present in their lives is very slim. As this occurs, the view of a father’s role continues to drift away from the dictionary definition. My belief on fathers has been altered because of personal experiences that permanently changed my life. My father left my mom on Christmas of 2000. I had just turned two-years old exactly two weeks prior, and my mother had just found out she was pregnant with my brother, Kharsen, who is now fourteen years old. I don’t remember anything about my dad, except for the memories of the summers where he would fly down to see my brother and me. However, these trips only happened occasionally. So now when I see him I don’t see a…show more content…
Furthermore, I also feel and know in my heart that he deserves no credit or recognition for raising me and helping me grow into the young lady that I am today. The only person who deserves credit for my upbringing is my mom, the woman who raised me since birth. To me she is both my mother and father due to the fact that after my dad left, my mom worked hard, day and night, to take care of my brother and me.
I can remember sitting in my small twin-sized bed, cold and alone, at midnight, listening to my strong and independent mother cries through the walls, because of the situation that we were in; this left me, at such a young and vulnerable age, confused and unsure of my families’ future. My adolescent mind could not understand the rough times that my mother faced each and every day, and I knew she didn’t deserve any of the hardships
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