Personal Narrative Essay: My Father's Life

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When I go to sleep at night, do you care? Do you even miss us? Your bottles and mistress I need to know, I need to know why are you walking away. Was it something I did? Did I make a mistake? I was raised by my mother for the majority of my infant years the reason is because my father left before I was born. He went missing for a few years and we didn’t know how he was or if he even was alive, I remember thinking to myself, if my father ever thought of us while he was “missing”. One faithful day out of the blue we received an old crusted letter and it was from my father stating that he was no longer in Mexico and was inside the United States. “What on Earth was he doing there”, I thought to myself. Over the course of my beginning years I didn’t…show more content…
I remember being afraid but then being reminded that it shouldn’t be scary because a better future awaits us behind those walls. This memory of mine tough me that being strong and looking forward into the future can help you become a person with a stronger mine set. This event taught me that even if I never had the fatherly figure I wished that I had it doesn’t make me any less of a person who was raised by their father. It also taught me that forgiveness is something that we should all carry but should never forget because it’s from experiences like that that teaches us what we are capable of on our own. My mindset in the future is I will always be kind hearted and forgiving but I would also try to become a stronger person because if I was able to survive the trip to the new world I can survive anywhere if I just try hard enough and defat my doubts that dwell inside my head. Also if in was able to live life without a father figure and still stand where I am today then I that means I have become my own person, always independent I didn’t have anyone to shape up the way I view things. Sometimes they say it should feel like fire until it burns you as you can’t, you know you can’t remain the
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